About Me

I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and photographer. I L.O.V.E. ice cream, oreos, Chic-Fil-A, and margaritas! If wearing my sweatpants and a t-shirt was acceptable attire everywhere, I swear I would live in them. I use “LOL” and smiley faces often when I write. I wear flip-flops 90% of the time. I am a born and raised Floridian. I am obsessed with Pinterest. And, I have the most handsome little man! On. The. Planet.

I started Jessica Liane Photography in the summer of 2010, but I’ve been shooting since—well, shoot, I can’t even remember—probably when I received my first Minnie Mouse camera, back in the 80s. In college, I decided to focus on a graphic design career, and set my passion of photography aside. After about 10 years as a graphic designer, and loving my job, I still felt like something was missing. When I picked up a camera once again, I knew right then and there what had been missing all this time. I truly feel alive when I’m shooting. I love capturing the little moments, and the big ones. I love finding unique ways to capture each of my clients beauty, in a way they may have never noticed. I am blessed to have the ability to provide so much happiness, and so many memories to my clients, and I couldn’t imagine life without photography. I can make time stand still, in that one click, that memory is captured forever.

“Photos capture moments that can sometimes be forgotten— they are a beautiful memory, frozen in time, and I am truly blessed to be able to give those gifts to you, to cherish for a lifetime.”


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