Proud Momma! — Real Gator {Swim} School

I’m so very proud of my little man! He just finished his week of swim lessons and he did awesome! In just one week he has learned to hold his breath, kick like a rockstar, swim to the wall or stairs, and walk the wall. He’s almost mastered floating on his back as well, which is one of the toughest lessons for children to learn.I’m not going to lie, if you asked me on day one how he was doing, I would tell you I’m not sure he’ll get back in the water. There was a little crying along the way {ok, fine, a lot} but let me tell you what, it was worth it, and Broxton is a fish now! Or as Mrs. Jamie likes to call her students a “gator!” Jamie’s patience and discipline with Broxton was amazing. Even when he was upset {because I was not with him} you could tell he was focused on what she was saying. She knew exactly how to capture his attention so that he would listen to her {would tootally love to know her tricks! lol}. I also loved that on the last day we were able to get in the pool with him. Jamie taught me how to continue his skill building which is really important!

So, today was a gorgeous day and I decided to take Broxton to the pool to see how he would do after his week of lessons…can I just say WOW! I can’t believe he is the same kiddo. It seriously is blowing my mind. He loves, loves, loves the water and loves to swim!!

A HUGE thank you to Jamie Abernethy with Real Gator Swim School for the skills you’ve given my little guy. These skills are truly priceless!!!

If you’re in the surrounding communities of Apopka and are looking for a one on one teacher that will come to you, please contact Jamie with Real Gator Swim School! Let her know I sent you! 🙂
Phone: (407) 703-3981 | Email:


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